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LaMonica Pictures can provide 1 Photographer, 1 Photographer/Videographer or a team of 2 consisting of 1 Photographer and 1 Videographer. We can
provide any combination of Photographer/Videographer and more if needed, but in most cases 1 or 2 people can provide coverage for most budgets.
A General Release is required to post pictures of private clients in this web site. The following people have signed releases. Contact me for additional samples.
What you get - When you hire a photographer, they own the copyright and pictures. You may purchase prints, but that does not mean you "own" them. The copyright belongs to the
photographer and it could cost you a lot of money if you get caught making copies. When I photograph your project, you get an open agreement for unlimited personal usage which
includes making as many copies as you like. This is a huge value when you factor in the cost of prints from  the photographer.
One price and forget the rest. When I photograph your project, you pay the contract price with no additional hidden fees you may get when contracting with someone who charges a
location fee and then an additional fee per print. I've seen an $800.00 dollar wedding price turn into $4,000.00 after the fact when the photographer held the bride and groom hostage
over the final images. They had to pay a hefty album fee and big per print prices. What's even worse is when the pictures are blurry !
Professional Service ! - You get the same attention and quality my commercial clients get. Every project is processed within 24 hours and in many cases it's ready for you to pick up by
the next evening. In any case, I make sure everything is processed and burned to CD's or DVD's within 3 days. Ive heard horror stories of wedding pictures not being delivered for over a
year later . . . That's simply unacceptable !
Photography is my "profession" and I pay business taxes, and operating expenses, self employment tax and personal income tax as well as reinvesting in my equipment to stay current with digital quality to ensure you get film quality results. 75% of all gross revenue goes
to expenses or back to the business. My personal gross income is 25% of any contract price. The only people that make 100% of what they are charging you are people who do photography as a side job to make "Play Money". They don't claim it as a business or claim
the income.
Prices vary according to your needs and location. Please contact me with a shoot list and your budget.
You can pay by Credit Card