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Product Photography in the Studio or On Location, I can photograph and create a visual image of your product that
defies the mainstream approach. Of course I can do the usual plain background type images and photograph labels too.
Want a custom display poster on Fine Art paper? How about custom Note or Post cards? Choose from 2 types of paper, a 300 gsm Fine Art Cotton Rag or 235 gsm Photo Matte.
I can create a specific mood by using various lighting techniques, shutter speeds and apertures. These 4 pictures were taken at
the same location and show the different effects.
The versatility of Digital Photography is shown above. I have
the flexibility to dial in any ISO value to achieve specific results. I
photographed the picture on the left at ISO 100 giving me a
slower shutter speed to blur the water. The Picture to the right
was taken at ISO 1600 and a faster shutter speed.
These 3 inch images don't do any justice to the detail captured in each picture. For
serious inquiries, 12 Inch 96dpi resolution images are available for review.
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