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This is where I get to brag about my previous clients and name drop.

What I did for client A isn't what I did for client B.

Every project is unique in its own way and I prefer to focus on each clients specific needs rather than brag about what I did for someone else.

Contact me to discuss what you need for photo's or video.

Please do not ask for a "gear list". It's not the gear that does the job, it's the operator. With many well known photographers ditching their tried and true SLR/DSLR systems for more compact Mirrorless systems, it's impossible
to say that brand A is going to do a better job then brand B. Look at Bob Krist who went to Sony from Nikon or Daniel Cox who went to Panasonic from Nikon.
It's all about you, not me

Cinematic and Photographic Ethics - I provide cinematic and photographic services to a variety of clients using the best equipment suited to the project at hand.

I do not engage in "setting up images"  by means of staging. There's a difference between creating an advertising campaign and actually catching life as it happens.

All digital pictures are processed like film pictures. They are captured in the cameras RAW format, then uploaded and exported in a RAW file converter like film in a developer.

I do not alter/manipulate pictures. I prefer that they look just like what I saw when I pushed the shutter button. If I alter/manipulate an image, it is clearly marked as such.